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Standards and Specifications

Anti Corrosion Technology (ACT) was occupying the Chairman position of the Standards Committee for the largest Oil & Gas producer in the world for 9 years running.

ACT, specialising in protective coatings, is actively involved as a standards committee member for many companies to develop Standards documents, best practice and engineering reports used for the specification of materials, process and manpower required by the industry.

Examples of how ACT can play a key role in your organisation are, but not limited to:

  • Continual evaluation and updating of the existing Standards
  • Develop accelerated test methods for pre-qualification of engineering materials
  • Develop and issue acceptance criteria for the selection of new products
  • Initiate and research topics that involve measurement and evaluation of the influence of operational, environmental and installation variables on coating performance
  • Develop standardised and universally accepted testing methods that can be used to predict the service life of protective coating systems
  • Ensure that Projects and Design teams follow currently company standards
  • Develop and improve specifications of offshore and onshore pipeline construction and installation
  • Develop guidelines on corrosion circuits for downstream operations to include the requirements for integrated corrosion monitoring and management routines
  • Initiate and develop moth ball manual

Examples of the Standards Committees that ACT is an active participant in include:

  • ISO
  • NACE
  • OGP (Oil & Gas Producers)
  • GSO (Gulf Standards Organisation)
  • ASO (Australian Standards Organisation)