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Research and Development

Based on our long term experience, Anti Corrosion Technology (ACT) realises that the research and development of protective coatings needs to start from identifying the coating system's degradation and failure mechanism and identify the gaps where improvements and new technologies are imperative in various industries.

ACT will work jointly with the End User, Asset Owner, Contractor and Engineering to provide the following services:

  • Methods for testing and predication of the useful life cycle of protective coatings in service

  • Qualification of new materials

    • new materials research into non-metallic

    • barrier coatings

    • innovative coating repairs and patches

    • enhanced coating properties and performance for seams and welds

  • Enable better NDE techniques and accelerated laboratory testing methods to estimate remaining the life of coating systems

  • Engineering approach to design smart coating systems to ease application and enhance durability (e.g. nano coatings)

  • To develop special coating techniques and procedures for in-field joint welds - considering the operating and environmental variables