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Factors Intensifying Corrosion

There are basic factors that should be present to activate corrosion of specific materials. Corrosion can be severe in magnitude when one or more of the operating parameters go beyond the design limits and corrosion rate is speculated to exceed the corrosion allowance.

A common example, the stress corrosion cracking of carbon steel in oil and gas production plants is intensified by the magnitude of stresses, impurity and defects in the metal microstructure, and time of exposure in the presence of inducing chemical compounds, such as carbon dioxides, hydrogen sulfide, polysulfides, concentrated brines with halides, or hypochloreous acid in elevated temperatures.

These factors have detrimental effects to accelerate corrosion activities and escalate stress limits sufficiently to develop stepwise metal fracture and failure.

With Anti Corrosion Technology (ACT) on your side, corrosion can be mitigated.