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Fikry Barouky


FikryDr  Fikry Barouky

Fikry is the Founder, the Chairman, and the Principal Corrosion Consultant of Anti Corrosion Technology since 1991, providing corrosion consultancy to major industries in Australia and internationally. 

Fikry has 36 years of proven experience in Material Engineering and Corrosion Control.  His experience was gained as being hands on Professional Engineer with key companies in Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Water Industries, and Mining nationally and internationally.

Fikry graduated with a BSC in Mechanical Engineering from Cairo University in 1971, and has postgraduate diploma in Steel Making from the Technology Institute of Frankfurt - Germany, and received his PhD degree in Material Engineering and Corrosion Science from Murdoch University in Australia.

Fikry worked for 9 years with Saudi Aramco, the world's largest oil producer, providing technical support to all Oil & Gas upstream and downstream operations and projects. He was the Chairman of the Protective Coating Standards Committee, through which he successfully introduced many new technologies and innovative solutions in protective coatings that set a benchmark for cost-effective performance and long-term plant integrity improvement. Fikry has full capability to initiate and sponsor comprehensive research and development programs to qualify new products into the engineering standards. In addition, Fikry joined and held various senior positions with other Oil & Gas companies both in Australia and Overseas since 1974.

Fikry is a key member in many professional associations and international standards committees. He has been and still is a regular participant in corrosion related conferences in Australian and overseas. Fikry has written more than 36 technical papers issued in international conferences proceedings and has joint-registered two patents.

It's no wonder Fikry is the Technical Head of Anti Corrosion Technology. With his long and successful track record of materials engineering and corrosion management excellence, Fikry has earned his mark as a strong leader in the global corrosion engineering industry and aspiring mentor for his team of Engineers.